I love u kashmiri

i love u kashmiri

How to Say ' I Love You ' in 92 Languages Valentine's Day isn't just about buying your partner I love you in Kashmiri = 'Meh chi chain maai'. I love you translation in English- Kashmiri dictionary. Kashmiri (कॉशुर, کٲشُر Koshur) is a northwestern Indo-Aryan language spoken å: Same as e in perturb; ä: Extended sound of a; a: same as u in up; ā: As u in up çh: sounds like ts as in huts; c: same as ch in chin; ch: same as ch in church.

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Best Kashmiri song ... I just love it.. This phrasebook is an outline and needs more content. What would you like to do? You may like to Subscribe in a Reader. But remember, someone is always waiting for you and wants to see you happy. Zov AK June 20, at 6: As the person above said, sometimes you say it too early without enough reason. It's all up to you when you say it. Dinesh Koul mai chu che sayet mohabbat. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Zov AK June 21, at 9: Then you can love. Koul'a Mout could be offensive but myon Mout should be fine. Go Log In Sign Up. How do you say 'I love you' in Kashmiri? This blog was started with the intention of sharing information for free. Privacy policy About Wikitravel Terms of use Mobile view. Learn more, including about available controls: Chi ker khy me saat khander? Katij, yemberzal, fulay, ryedda, jigarkhont, poshkuj, Lael, majnoon, Kotur, Kantur, bul-bul, Bil-Bichur. How do you reduce the impact of change? To make the relationship long term, you have to be "in like" as well, and that is sometimes the bigger deal. The boy I love is leaving the country for his studies, I have no idea if I will ever meet him againto be practical. I was completely oblivious to the real complexity of love. i love u kashmiri Learn more, including about available controls: Navas Lagaii my everything in your name Lol Naraey let me love you. Thank you soo much. Well im an indian muslim girl. Because with you, I can be me and don't have to pretend.

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